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Dr. Louis Stodieck, Center Director
Research Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder.

Dr. Stodieck is responsible for overall center direction and strategic planning including setting and carrying out BioServe's goals and initiatives. Dr. Stodieck oversees a number of projects in association with its partners and BioServe researchers. He directs administrative and management functions in BioServe including budget management, NASA reporting, marketing and business development activities. Dr. Stodieck, manages BioServe’s flight program. He also guides research being conducted by BioServe’s scientific staff and graduate and undergraduate students.

Mark Rupert, Associate Director

Mr. Rupert is responsible for Center direction, strategic planning, personnel oversight and development and is BioServe’s expert in the NASA Safety and Integration process and directs BioServe’s activities in this area. He has over 21 years of experience with BioServe. He has supported manifesting, payload safety and payload integration for almost every single BioServe payload launched into space. Additionally, Mr. Rupert has direct experience in supporting the design, safety, integration and operations of nearly every BioServe hardware system. As Associate Director, he manages personnel within the BioServe organization, providing assistance, mentoring and overall employee oversight.

Stefanie Countryman, MA., MBA, Associate Director

Ms. Countryman is responsible for Center direction, strategic planning, daily activities, business development and project oversight and management. She has over 26 years of experience in the science, research, education and healthcare industries. She has over 16 years of experience with BioServe. Ms. Countryman has been the PI on 5 different space life science research experiments and has overseen the design, development and flight of a variety of life science projects supported by BioServe. She directs BioServe’s business development activities including industry recruitment, NASA reporting, coordination and negotiation of commercial contracts and agreements, the oversight of intellectual property issues and serves as a liaison between BioServe and its partners. She also leads BioServe’s K-12 Education programs which have reached hundreds of thousands of students nationally and internationally