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2017 2016-2017

CU Research BioServe delivers: Sky is the limit for BioServe Space Technologies

  February, 2017


2016 December, 2016

Why are scientists shooting stem cells into space?

  August, 2016

With space station link, CU’s BioServe adapts to an evolving research role

  July, 2016

Hardware developed by CU-Boulder launched by SpaceX rocket

  April, 2016

CU-Boulder hardware to launch aboard SpaceX rocket April 8

2015 June, 2015

High-tech hardware supporting biomedical experiments slated to launch to space station

  Jan, 2015 CU-researchers-play-big-part-in-space-x-mission
  Feb, 2015 Micro-5 (SpaceX-5)
2014 Dec, 2014 High-tech-hardware-support-experiments-launching-space-station-dec-19
  Jan, 2014 BCM Center for Educational Outreach Ants In Space Science Project Lifts Off For ISS
2013 Dec, 2013
  May, 2013 CASIS Issues Solicitation for Proposals, Titled The Impact of Microgravity on Fundamental Stem Cell Properties: A Call for Spaceflight and Ground-Based Experiments
2012 December, 2012 'Spidernaut' survives CU-Boulder mission to space, but not the Smithsonian
  November, 2012 CU-Boulder Space-traveling Spider Finds Home at Smithsonian Museum
  October, 2012 CU hardware to fly on first-ever NASA-contracted resupply mission to the ISS
  September, 2012 CU-Boulder plays key role in global student space experiment competition
  March, 2012 Spiders and Bacteria Are Tops in Space Lab Contest
  March, 2012 Youtube space lab winners experiments winners to fly on ISS
2011 October, 2011 CU Boulder plays key role in global student space experiment
  July, 2011 Final Space Shuttle carries five CU Boulder built payloads
  July, 2011 CUBoulder and NASAsSpace Shuttle Program Triumphs and Tragedies
  April, 2011 CSI-05 Spiders in Space on Final Flight of Endeavour
  February, 2011 Final space shuttle flight (of Discovery) to carry two CU payloads
2010 August, 2010 CU-Boulder Selected as Partner in New FAA Commercial Space Transportation Center
  May, 2010 Three Payloads Built By CU-Boulder Set For Launch On Space Shuttle Atlantis
2009 December, 2009 Four “butterflynauts” emerge on Space Station – December 2009
  December, 2009 Butterflies survive developing in space
  November, 2009 Launching Soon: Butterflies in Space
  November, 2009 Students Send Microbe Experiment on Space Shuttle Atlantis (NASA Press Release)
  November, 2009 CU group sending butterflies to space (Boulder Daily Camera)
  August, 2009 BioServe Interested In Future Educational Experiments With NASA (AIAA, (scroll halfway down page)
2008 November, 2008 Microbial Drug Resistance and Virulence (MDRV) Payload Summary
  November, 2008 Spider in Space Video
  November, 2008 NASA Shuttle to take Spider into Space
  November, 2008 CU-Boulder to Launch Butterfly, Spider K-12 Experiments on Shuttle
  May, 2008 Butterflies and Spiders in Space
  May, 2008 CU-Boulder Signs Agreement for all Remaining Space Station Shuttle Missions
  March, 2008 CU-Boulder payloads to fly on every shuttle mission to International Space Station
2007 June, 2007 BioServe Supports C. elegans ‘Worms in Space’ Study
  June, 2007 British Columbia scientist to study radiation from space worms
  June, 2007 CU-Boulder Invention May Allow Thirsty Crops To Signal Farmers

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