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From start to finish BioServe conducts high quality
space flight life science research

BioServe is one of the most experienced organizations in the country that can effectively form partnerships and support and conduct, from start to finish, high quality space flight life science research. BioServe has the facilities and experience necessary to help organizations complete all of the NASA required tasks and processes to conduct space flight research on board the International Space Station. In addition, BioServe has in-house science expertise that can be utilized by its customers to support space life science research activities. This combination of engineering and science capability is what has made BioServe so successful and one of the premier implementers of meaningful, significant research on board the International Space Station.

Experiments on 40+ space flight missions

Since BioServe first opened its doors in 1987, it has successfully flown hundreds of life science research experiments and the associated hardware on over 40 space flight missions including the space shuttle, International Space Station, Mir, Progress and Soyuz. BioServe’s first payload flew and operated on board STS-37 in April of 1991. Since 2007 alone, BioServe has supported and flown 44 impactful research experiments on 15 different space flight missions. For each one of those 44 experiments, BioServe contributed not only engineering expertise, but significant science expertise and support as well. These experiments represented a combination of commercial, fundamental, and K-12 educational interests.

An important part of BioServe’s mission is to educate and train university undergraduate and graduate students to pursue careers in aerospace engineering, bioengineering, space life sciences and business, especially as related to space endeavors and the goals of the Center’s commercial partners. Because BioServe is located within a university, this is an ongoing, important mission of the Center.

The Center is a full-service provider. From designing and building space flight hardware in its in-house machine shop according to science requirements, to conducting crew training, to writing and submitting safety packages, to payload recovery once returned to Earth, to sample analysis, BioServe has extensive capabilities in all areas of payload integration and operations and research support.

Services and Capabilities BioServe has to offer

• Payload manifest negotiations
• Payload mission management
• PI Science Support and technical guidance
• Feasibility/Trade study assistance
• Science team hardware training
• Engineering integration – understand and satisfy all NASA documentation requirements
• Ground test facilities
• Mission simulations and Experiment verification testing
• Software/firmware development
• Real time operations
• Dedicated 24/7 Remote Payload operationsand control center
• Extensive, off-the-shelf flight hardware solutions
• Flight and ground safety processing
• In-house manufacturing,assembly and test
• Flight qualification services
• Launch and landing site support
• Physical payload integration and de-integration – flight readiness reviews
• Crew procedure writing and crew training
• Operations planning
• Closely allied with industry and government, especially NASA
• International experience/export control capable
• Real-time problem solving