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Dec, 2016 Science Article:
Why are scientists
shooting stem cells
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Aug, 2016 Denver Post Article: With space station link, CU’s BioServe adapts to an
evolving research role

July, 2016 Hardware
developed by CU-Boulder launched by SpaceX rocket


About Us

About BioServe Space Technologies
Supporting High-impact Space Life Science Research

BioServe Space Technologies is a Center within the Aerospace Engineering and Sciences Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. For over 25 years, the Center has specialized in conducting microgravity life science research and designing and developing space flight hardware to support that research. BioServe enables its customers and partners to focus solely on the development of the research while BioServe manages all the rest.

BioServe has a full suite of space flight certified hardware available for use by its customers and partners. The Center is a full-service, turn-key organization that not only provides space flight hardware, but can successfully guide novice and experienced researchers, organizations and commercial companies through the process of conducting life science research on board any launch or space flight vehicle as well as the International Space Station (ISS). BioServe's extensive experience, knowledge, capabilities, space flight assets and experience in the field of microgravity life science research is virtually unmatched. Our promise to our customers is to make the experience of conducting space life science research with NASA or other space transportation providers transparent and easily navigated.

Support of the International Space Station as a National Lab

Additionally, BioServe encourages and supports the increased utilization of the International Space Station (ISS) for fundamental and applied research to the levels envisioned when the concept of the ISS was formed. In early 2008, BioServe completed a Space Act Agreement with NASA that enables BioServe to continue to manifest its hardware and customers’ research and educational projects in support of the ISS as a National Lab on all available missions. Although the shuttle has now retired, BioServe continues to negotiate manifest space to the ISS on board other transportation providers' vehicles.

Forging New Frontiers

BioServe values the contributions that keep us on the cutting edge of microgravity research and science and we recognize that the efforts we support will add to the body of knowledge surrounding microgravity research, space exploration and space accessibility. We continually search for opportunities that will push the boundaries of microgravity research. This may include bold choices and calculated risks to remain a premier provider of microgravity life science research, hardware and space flight support services. This will enable us to forge new frontiers both in space and on Earth.

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