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Dec, 2016 Science Article:
Why are scientists
shooting stem cells
into space?

Aug, 2016 Denver Post Article: With space station link, CU’s BioServe adapts to an evolving research role


BioServe Space Technologies
Supporting High-impact Space Life
Science Research for 25 Years.

BioServe Space Technologies is a Center within the Aerospace Engineering and Sciences Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. For over 25 years, BioServe has designed, built and flown microgravity life science research and hardware on over 40 space flight missions. BioServe has a full suite of space flight certified hardware available for use by its customers and partners. Past partners include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as Universities and NASA funded researchers. The Center is a full-service, turn-key organization that enables its customers and partners to focus solely on research development while BioServe manages all other activities required to successfully fly experiments in microgravity. More on BioServe's comprehensive Space Flight Program.