Lauren Nelson in Metz, France

Metz is a city in northeast France located at the confluence of the Moselle and Seille rivers. Located near the tripoint along the junction of France, Germany and Luxembourg, the city forms a central place of the European Greater Region. Metz has a rich 3,000 year background of historical, cultural and architectural significance. The city has earned its nickname, The Green City, with its extensive open grounds and public gardens. 

Metz is home to Georgia Tech-Lorraine. The university is less than 90 minutes from Paris by train. The campus offers programs in engineering, sciences, business, French, and liberal arts. As a branch of the American Georgia Tech university, courses are taught in English. The program is 12 weeks long and students can take 10-12 credits. Students are housed in residence halls during their stay.

The summer research program is available to students studying Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Environmental Engineering.

Lauren Nelson is an Environmental Engineering major who completed the summer program in Metz between her sophomore and junior year at CU Boulder. When asked about her experience, she had lots of great information to share.

What made you choose this specific study abroad program?
I really liked GTL because it allowed me to take classes that fit into my degree requirements and it was long enough that I thought like I would get more out of the experience than a 3 week summer program. And again, because it was associated with an American university (Georgia Tech), I felt a little bit more at ease since again, studying abroad really put me out of my comfort zone (in the best way though!!).

What was your experience like during the program?
Fantastic! I tell my friends and family all the time that there was so much I learned about France and the culture there that I never knew I never knew. I learned a lot about myself and the world around me, with the biggest takeaway being that the world is so huge and that there are so many things outside of both Boulder and the general United States that we don't usually get to experience. Because of the location of Metz, I was able to travel to several different countries abroad and really got to see how cultures differ across Europe and how they're similar, and how I could compare that to my own life experiences. Overall, studying abroad and living in a different culture is something I'd recommend to everyone because you really get to know more about yourself, the world around you, and how people connect.

How would you rate your academic experience?
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, I would say an 8. Because the classes are the exact same as those taught at Georgia Tech, I think they're pretty comparable to CU as far as difficulty and the work that is expected out of students. I would say I felt more freedom and less stress than I normally feel at CU since all of my classes were pass/fail. I think if I had done another engineering class instead of economics, or didn't already have a lot of experience with statistics, things might've been harder for me though.

What would you tell other students who are considering this program?
I would recommend it, however I would also strongly encourage students to think about what they want out of their abroad experience. While I definitely did get a big cultural experience, I think if students are looking for more of a more significant immersion, this might not be the program for them, and I would instead recommend a program with a homestay. Overall though, I recommend this program to every engineering student considering studying abroad because I really think it provides a great balance of academic, social, and cultural benefits!