To amplify the voices and concerns of international students within the College, to raise the visibility of our multicultural student body, to foster community building, and to ensure College leadership acts proactively to improve the international student experience. 


These pillars will comprise a framework for accomplishing our mission:


  • Engaging our CEAS international student body academically, professionally, and socially. 
  • Clearly communicating initiatives, opportunities, or policies that affect international students.


  • Capturing and disseminating international student stories to raise empathy and awareness within our College community.
  • Signaling our commitment to supporting and cultivating international students and scholars. 


  • Identifying barriers to international students' academic, socio-emotional, and professional development and raising recommendations to College and campus leadership. 
  • Fostering partnerships across campus that bolster our advocacy at the campus, industry, and federal levels.
  • Acting as an intermediary between faculty, staff, and international students.

Community Building

  • Developing initiatives and programming that foster connectedness among international students.
  • Creating intentional opportunities to build connections between domestic and international student populations.
  • Strengthening ties between students, faculty, and staff.
  • Facilitating a smooth transition of new international students into the campus life.