The Balsells International Mobility Program is a unique and competitive opportunity for students from the Catalonia region of Spain to complete their final Bachelor's or Master's projects at CU. The program provides the opportunity to undertake a semester research internship in a campus engineering lab.

All Balsells mobility positions for 2019-20 have been filled. Outstanding candidates may apply for the 2020-21 academic year or for the waitlist in the event that a position opens up for 2019-20.

  • Receive a monthly stipend of $1100 (max 5 months) and a travel stipend to cover you travel between Spain and Colorado
  • Perform research under a respected CU faculty member
  • Gain professional development and insight into American academic life
  • Improve English proficiency through immersion
  • Experience the life of a researcher before undertaking a PhD
  • Live in Boulder, one of the most beautiful and engaging university cities in the United States

  • Must be completing a degree from a Catalonian university 
  • Must be an EU citizen and permanent resident of Spain
  • Must be a legal resident of Catalonia, for at least the last 12 months, and registered in Catalonia through the certificat d'empadronament
  • Demonstrated interest in MS and PhD studies in the U.S.
  • Intention to apply for the Balsells Graduate Fellowship Program
  • Intermediate English proficiency and advanced academic standing
  • Must have at least a 7.0 cumulative grade average for all university coursework completed, with a 7.4 or higher strongly preferred 

  • Submit the following materials to Andrew Wingfield:
    • A written statement detailing your research interests
    • CV/resume 
    • Academic transcripts from all universities attended; transcripts must show your overall grade average out of 10. 
    • Copy of the certificat d'empadronament showing residency in Catalonia (you can wait to see if you are accepted before submitting this document)
  • Note that competitive applicants have a cumulative grade average well above 7.0.
  • Applications for spring are due September 15.
  • Applications for fall are due April 1.

Application notes:

  • Please submit transcripts for all university work completed, even if your degree is still in progress. For example, if you are a Master's student in Spain, you must submit your bachelor's transcripts and the most up-to-date transcripts for your master's coursework. 
  • Your written statement should be brief (1-2 pages).
  • While it is important to have general research interests in mind when you apply, you do not have to know the specific topic of your thesis. 
  • Once your application materials are received, you may be selected for a brief Skype interview. 
  • You will identify a CU researcher to supervise your thesis work after you have been accepted to the program.