The Staff Excellence Program was formed in 2009 based on recommendations made as part of strategic planning. These recommendations include staff growth, training, engagement, and recognition, as well as improving efficiency of administrative processes. Listed below are several opportunities for staff to help meet these recommendations.

Professional-development Funds

Staff may apply for funding to attend training sessions, workshops or other forums to help develop the professional skills used in their positions. A 1:1 costshare from the staff member’s unit is expected. Requests may be submitted at any time to Alisha Bennett Stewart and should include a short description of the training opportunity and expected benefits, its date/time and location, and budget request. It should be accompanied by an endorsement from the staff member’s chair, director or supervisor, which also commits to costshare.

Staff Awards

The college has established the following awards to recognize outstanding service:

  • The College of Engineering and Applied Science Staff Advisor Award: This award recognizes staff advisors who demonstrate exceptional advising skills and who may serve as role models to other staff advisors in the College. This award is given annually and carries a $1,000 stipend. Recipients of the award are selected based on the scores and comments received on class and advising surveys conducted by the College.
  • The College of Engineering Outstanding Staff Award: This award recognizes staff that have made outstanding contributions to their work unit that benefits the students, faculty and other staff of their unit and the college. The award is presented annually and the winner receives a stipend of $1,000.
  • Commitment to Excellence Award: This award was established by the college to retain excellent staff by creating a supportive work environment for its employees. Recipients of this award shall have reached a five-year anniversary of continuous service as a professional exempt or classified staff member of the college with an appointment of at least 50% time. In addition, each recipient must have received the highest performance rating level for each of the most current three years of service to CU Engineering. The amount of the award will be $500. In addition to the awards mentioned above, several departments and programs have established unit-specific staff awards to honor their employees.