The College of Engineering and Applied Science will be kicking off its inaugural Inclusive Culture Council in mid-September. The council welcomes 23 members (11 faculty and 12 staff) representing 16 departments, programs and units. The 2021-23 council is multicultural, multiracial, and multigenerational, which is a tremendous accomplishment already.

The council’s mission is to provide strategic leadership and transparency for cultivating an inclusive, equitable, interculturally competent, and supportive environment in the college. The ICC strives to bring justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion leaders within the college together for systematic, intentional, and integrative planning and to formalize equitable and inclusive practices with established metrics. The council works closely with the college’s representative to the campus IDEA Council to ensure alignment with the university’s equity, diversity and inclusion overall goals.

Council members have been nominated by their department chairs, program directors, or unit leaders. 

ICC Council Members 

  • Laura Devendorf, Assistant Professor, ATLAS
  • Eric Frew, Professor, Aerospace Engineering Sciences
  • Kassadi Gabriel, AES Event Coordinator, Staff Council
  • Mark Hernandez, Professor, Environmental Engineering
  • Amy Javernick-Will, Nicholas R. and Nancy D. Petry Professor in Construction Engineering and Management, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
  • Aju Jugessur, Director, Colorado Shared Instrumentation in Nanofabrication and Characterization Facility
  • Andrea Kowalchuk, Instructor, Herbst Program of Engineering, Ethics and Society
  • Jessica Leeker, Scholar in Residence, Engineering Management Program
  • Chantel Lehl, Faculty HR Support Coordinator, Computer Science
  • Claire Monteleoni, Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Inclusive Excellence, Computer Science
  • Katie Morgan, Research Accountant, Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
  • Natasha Ouellette, Engineering Project Consultant, Integrative Teaching and Learning Program
  • Fernando Rosario-Ortiz, Associate Dean of Faculty Advancement & Professor in Environmental Engineering, IDEA Council Representative 
  • Lou Rutherford, Associate Director, Engineering Management Program
  • Andres Schemel, Engineering GoldShirt Senior Coordinator, BOLD Center
  • Wilson Smith, Associate Professor & Senior Scientist at NREL, Chemical & Biological Engineering
  • Janet Tsai, Instructor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Debbie Yeh, Academic Advisor, Mechanical Engineering & Student Support and Advising Services 
  • Malinda Zarske, Senior Instructor & Associate Director, Engineering Plus

Ex-officio Members

  • Vanessa Dunn, Director of Analytics, Assessment and Accreditation, Engineering Administration
  • Stephanie Prokop, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Engineering Administration

Council Administrators

  • Terri Wright, Chair, Assistant Dean for Access, Inclusion and Student Programs, Engineering Administration
  • Amy Moreno-Sherwood, DEI Lead, Director of Inclusive Culture, Engineering Administration

Over the course of the 2021-22 academic year, members will engage with invited DEI experts, participate in strategic planning activities, obtain professional development, and amplify and support DEI-related initiatives and programs in the college. Additionally, the council will identify goals to work toward in partnership with college stakeholders and the IDEA Council. 

One important area of focus will be supporting the College IDEA Plan Actions. The council intends to collaborate with each local DEI committee ensuring these actions are embedded into all that we do as we strive to integrate inclusive practices into the fabric of our college. We look forward to working together to create and sustain a vibrant, diverse and inclusive social and academic community in CEAS. If you are interested in the work of the council and have ideas, questions, or concerns, please contact your unit’s representative.