June 5, 2003

It is recognized that summer is a time that Chairs and other faculty are away from campus from time to time to take vacations and to work on research projects. Absences from campus for short periods of time during the summer will not necessitate prorations of the Chair’s stipend, as it is expected that the Chair will still be able to perform his or her duties around the absences. However, if a Chair is unavailable to perform these duties for an accumulative period of time that exceeds 22 working days during one summer, the Chair’s stipend for time away from campus in excess of 11 working days should instead be provided to the individual serving as Acting Chair. (Note: since this summer chair stipend is part of the 3/9ths maximum, the lost Chair stipend can be replaced from research funds.)

If a Chair is away from campus for an extended period of time that lasts for more than 11 consecutive working days, the Chair’s stipend for the entire period should instead be provided to the individual serving as the Acting Chair during the absence.