Toni Gossett Head Shot
Undergraduate Academic Advisor • Architectural Engineering & Civil Engineering Students
Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering / Creative Technology & Design Neighborhood

Location: ECOT 449

I'm proud to be a CU Boulder alum and received my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from this wonderful university. I'm originally from Houston, Texas and moved to Colorado to attend CU and experience the beautiful outdoors. During my time at CU, I had many great opportunities to teach and mentor fellow engineering students. To continue following my passion for supporting university students, I joined the Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Department in April 2020 as an Undergraduate Academic Advisor. I enjoy being heavily involved in many areas of the CU community and make it a priority to advocate for student needs to positively support their holistic development. I'm passionate about building personal connections in my communities and enjoy learning about people's interests, values, and more through engaging conversations. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, practicing yoga, game and craft nights with friends, spending time with my family, listening to audio books, and exploring other creative activities.

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