Please reference this list of resources for pertinant information regarding Open Option in Engineering and first time, first year students at CU Boulder.

Is the Math Readiness Exam required for all incoming Engineering students?

Yes! You can review the instructions for the exam and take practice tests here. The deadline to complete the exam is June 3rd. 

Where can I learn more about Engineering Launch?

Information about Engineering Launch can be found here.

I have questions about Orientation, where should I go?

Here is some general information about Orientation and here is some more detailed information for first time, first-year students.

Questions about Open Option in Engineering?

Check out the Open Option website here!

Which classes count for the Humanities and Social Science requirement?

Check out this website for more information about the H&SS and Writing requirements for Engineering students.

How do I run a Degree Audit?

Review this website for information on Degree Audits and where to find yours.

How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

You can learn more about Buff Portal Advising here and tutorials on how to use it from OIT here.

What opportunities are available to me to get involved as an Engineering student?
I want to learn more about career exploration. Where should I go?

Career Services is a great place to start! Check out their resources and more here.

Engineering News and Events

Stay up to date here!

How do I declare a major Open Option student?

To declare your major before the first day of classes, please contact the Admissions office for further assistance.

To declare your major on or after the first day of classes, please email your academic advisor for assistance.

Once I choose my enrollment window, can I change it?

You can change your enrollment window if you need to by contacting New Student and Family Programs at least two weeks prior to the window you would like to switch to.

Where can I see my pre-enrolled class schedule?

Prior to your Enrollment Window, you will be able to see which classes you were pre-enrolled in on your Buff Portal.

I have a question about Housing...

You can view the contact information for Housing here as well as access helpful FAQ's here.