This form is for use by any CU Boulder student to request transferability decisions on undergraduate engineering and computer science courses only.

You must first check Transferology (our transfer credit database) to make sure your course has not already been reviewed and given a decision. If you are not familiar with Transferology, please see below:

Transferology is an online database of transfer credit where you can see how courses from other colleges/universities come into CU Boulder.  Please see below for the types of uses of Transferology for this Transfer Credit Request Form:
  1. If you have already taken a course, or know the specific course at another institution
  2. If you want to find a replacement course for a specific CU Boulder course

If Transferology finds and lists the course, regardless of how it applies to your degree, do NOT use this form, you should consult with your academic advisor on how that course may/may not apply towards your degree.

If you are requesting a review of multiple courses, or coursework from more than one institution, please use a new form for each course.

Upon completion of the transfer work, it is the student's responsibility to request that the transfer institution mail an official transcript to: Admissions Processing, University of Colorado 552 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309. Once the work has transferred, contact your advisor for necessary follow-up.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.


Courses will be considered for transfer only if earned with grades of "C-" or better (or equivalent to 1.7 or better on a 4.0 scale) at an accredited university or college.  You must check ahead of time with your academic advisor, as some departments require a "C" or better for course applicability.

The following types of transfer credit will NOT be accepted:

  • Remedial coursework
  • Vocational-technical courses that are offered at two year institutions and proprietary institutions
  • Courses offered through an engineering technology degree program
* I acknowledge that I looked up my transfer course in and was unable to find it.
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Your actual major at this time, not the major you may wish to change to
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(for example: AERO 1234)
Please enter either a specific course requirement you want this course to fulfill (i.e. CSCI 1300), or enter a description (i.e. general technical elective, free elective, etc...)
Please upload the official course syllabus from the semester you took the course, or the most recent syllabus, if course has not yet been taken. Document should include a course description, learning outcomes for course and detailed semester schedule, if possible.
Files must be less than 32 MB.
Allowed file types: html pdf doc docx xls xlsx xml.
Please provide a URL to a web page that describes the degree requirements for the computer science degree at that institution.
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