McKenzie Headshot
Undergraduate Academic Advisor • Sophomore/Junior/Senior Aerospace Engineering Sciences Students
Aerospace Engineering Sciences / Chemical & Biological Engineering Neighborhood

Location: AERO 224C (Aerospace Building on East Campus)

As CU alumni, I am excited to continue being a part of the CU community as an Academic Advisor for Aerospace Engineering. I was a first-generation student and my academic advisor really helped me learn that college has so much more to offer than just academics. I ended up finding my passion for higher education through working in various offices on campus throughout the years, participating in volunteering, and joining a variety of student organizations. I earned my BA in Humanities, with a double minor in Business and Classics, and a certificate in Advertising. I really want to help students follow their passions and help them find opportunities to reach their goals.

In my personal life, I enjoy video games, baking, crafting, swimming, and exploring/learning about the world! I’ve been to over 42 countries and love learning new languages and about different cultures. I am also an avid bucket-list enthusiast and try to make a new one every year or so.