Why am I on Academic Recovery?

Academic Standing in the CU Boulder College of Engineering & Applied Science is reviewed twice a year—immediately following the Fall semester and immediately following the Spring semester.  Summer terms are not considered for academic standing, BUT do affect the overall CU cumulative GPA.

The College expects you to maintain semester Grade Point Averages (GPA) of at least 2.000, and a CU cumulative GPA of at least 2.000.  (Recall that a CU “Major GPA” of at least 2.000 is also required for graduation, but that’s not taken into account for College academic standing review.)

A student is placed on Academic Recovery when their CU Cumulative GPA falls below 2.000, and is an official warning from the College faculty, indicating academic performance must improve.  Your Academic Recovery status does not show up on your official CU transcript (but if you are ever placed on Academic Suspension, that does show up on your official CU transcript).

Do I have to keep taking classes after being placed on Academic Recovery?

No, some students decide to take a break from school altogether, which is fine and a smart choice depending on your circumstances.  (See the Registrar's Office Leave of Absence information if you decide to take a break from school.)  If and when you return to the College at CU Boulder, your period of Academic Recovery will commence.

If I’m on Academic Recovery and want to continue with my studies, what happens?

Once placed on Academic Recovery, a student's next semester grades are then reviewed, and you could either return to Good Standing or there are various other options. Refer to the information on the Academic Standing website for the most accurate information. 

If I’m on Academic Recovery and want to take a break and then come back—what happens?

Not a problem -- in fact you may need that time away to address issues prohibiting your academic success.  The active Academic Recovery period will simply commence when you enroll again in the College (see previous answer for the particulars).

What if I do well academically in my semester of Academic Recovery?

That's great and what we hope for!  At the end of the semester if your CU cumulative GPA is at least 2.000, you'll be restored to Good Academic Standing.

What do I have to do now?

Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor prior to the start of next semester. Make sure you complete the Academic Success Plan that was referenced in your Academic Standing letter (it's a form you fill out online). You can complete the Goal Setting Worksheet separately, to help guide you in developing your success plan and your conversation with your advisor.

What is Academic Suspension?

Academic Suspension status is assigned to students who fail to meet the academic requirements of Academic Recovery or Academic Alert, and reflects that the student is currently unable to make satisfactory academic progress towards their degree program.

A student on Academic Suspension must take time off from “Main Campus” classes as follows:

  • 1st academic suspension – 1 semester
  • 2nd academic suspension – 2 semesters
  • 3rd academic suspension – the student may no longer return to CU Boulder Engineering

While on Academic Suspension, a student is still affiliated with and is part of the Engineering College, in his/her major (it’s only after a 3rd academic suspension that a student would not be allowed to return to the CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science).  Students may request reinstatement after meeting the terms of their Academic Suspension (see full details of what this entails on the main Academic Standing web site).

What if I’m thinking of leaving Engineering?

Students who are considering a transfer out of the College of Engineering & Applied Science and into another college/school on campus may obtain guidance from the Office of Undergraduate Education Intra-University Transfer web site.