Ray Littlejohn
Lecturer • Previously W. Edwards Deming Professor of Management and Scholar in Residence

Office:  D. Litman Research Lab 1 (RL-1), Office 130

Dr. Ray Littlejohn joined the EMP in August, 2012 as an Associate Professor of Engineering Practice and the W. Edwards Deming Professor of Management. Dr. Littlejohn received his PhD in Applied Statistics from the University of Oklahoma in 1977. Subsequently he began a teaching career at North Central College and began consulting with The R Group, LTD in the areas of Market Research and Forecasting. After approximately 5 years of teaching and consulting Dr. Littlejohn joined Sealed Power Corporation as a statistician where he introduced the use of SPC and Experimental Design. He was subsequently promoted to Quality Assurance Manager for Sealed Power Division of Sealed Power Corporation.

In 1982 Dr. Littlejohn joined Luftig & Warren International, Inc. a consulting firm that specialized in providing consulting services and training in all areas of the Quality Sciences throughout North and South America, Asia, and Europe. His work as a senior consultant with LWI involved the entire breadth of topics in the areas of business and quality improvement, including product and process improvement through the application of sophisticated problem solving techniques and advanced statistical and research methods. He also provided training to the firm’s many clients in all aspects of the application of statistics, and business and industrial research methodologies through 1998.

After leaving LWI, Dr. Littlejohn’s consulting activities included training and consulting activities in experimental design and industrial research, customer survey analysis, business system development and improvement, business, manufacturing and administrative product and process improvement, process control, and statistical start-ups. Dr. Littlejohn provided these services to businesses engaged in metal processing, food and beverage, electronics / high tech manufacturing and assembly, ink and chemical, automotive and truck suppliers, mining, HMO service and miscellaneous other industries.