• Ideal for the engineer in any size company (start-up to Fortune 500) who aspires to manage strategy and implementation of technology-based product development
  • Case studies and business simulation exercises allow hands-on practice with technology evaluation and product development management
  • Gain the skills you need to successfully lead a product development team

EMEN 5020: Finance and Accounting for Engineering Managers or, via a waiver, EMEN 5050: Leading Oneself (if a student has a strong finance background already)
EMEN 5090: Marketing and Technology Ventures*
EMEN 5400: Product Development
EMEN 5710: Applied Business Decisions*

*The EMEN 5020 prerequisite for EMEN 5090 and EMEN 5710 can be waived if a student already has a strong finance background. Send waiver requests to emp@colorado.edu.