Technical MBA

Have you decided if graduate school is right for you? If so, which type of program is best fit for you? Either an MBA or ME in Engineering Management will help advance your career as both programs are designed to jumpstart roles in early to mid management. Both teach fundamentals... but this is where the similarities end.

An MBA program takes a broad brush approach to the fundamentals. A student generally learns accounting, finance, real estate and marketing across a whole spectrum of industries. While general demand for MBAs is on the wane, engineers and technologists with management skills continues to rise...

An ME in Engineering Management focuses on areas such as leadership, project management, strategy and systems engineering that allow the student to excel in technical and engineering-heavy industries. That is, the EMP prepares you for leadership and management in high-tech environments.


Masters of
Engineering Management

  • Prepares you for management and 
    leadership in high-tech situations.
  • Gives you the opportunity to choose a 
    certificate track while completing 
    the EM degree.
  • 4 Engineering dual-degree 
    options are offered
  • Average of 30 credit hours


Masters of
Business Administration

  • Takes a broad approach to business 
    fundamentals across a wide
    spectrum of industries.
  • Average of 55 credit hours