CU Boulder - EMP Specialty Areas

The Engineering Management Program offers a variety of specialty areas to select from. You may complete all the courses in one of the specialty areas or you can just take a course or two toward your professional development. 

EMEN 5030

Project Management

EMEN 5031

Software Project Management

EMEN 5032

Advanced Topics in Project Management

EMEN 5830

Systems Engineering

EMEN 5050

Leading Oneself

EMEN 5080

Ethical Decision Making

EMEN 5830

Leading Others

EMEN 5090

Marketing and Technology Ventures

EMEN 5400

Product Development

EMEN 5710

Applied Business Decisions

EMEN 5825

Intrapreneurship and Innovation

EMEN 5830

Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management

EMEN 5005

Applied Statistics

EMEN 5610

Advanced Statistical Methods for Engineering Research

EMEN 5620

Data Mining and Screening Experiments for Engineering Research

EMEN 5900

Research Methods

EMEN 5040

Quality, Strategy and Value Creation

EMEN 5041

Advanced Topics in Value Creation

EMEN 5042

Methods for Quality Improvement

EMEN 5043

Advanced Topics in Quality Systems / Engineering

EMEN 5000

Engineering Analysis

EMEN 5010

Intro to Engineering Management

EMEN 5020

Finance and Accounting for Engineering Managers

EMEN 5500

Lean and Agile Management

EMEN 5710

Applied Business Decisions