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Develop management skills by giving an integrated perspective of the entire business operation.

Experience the challenges and rewards of starting up and running a new business venture division or group.

Build confidence through knowledge and experience.

Develop strategic planning and execution skills within a rapidly changing environment.

Crystallize the linkages between business decisions and financial performance.

Instill a bottom line focus and the simultaneous need to deliver customer value.

Internalize how important it is to use market data and competitive signals to adjust the strategic plan and more tightly focus business tactics.

Develop teamwork across functions, opening up new communication links.

Promote better decision making by helping you see how your decisions can affect the performance of others and organization as a whole.

Facilitate learning of important business concepts, principles, and ways of thinking.

EMEN 5020 (Finance and Accounting for Engineering Managers) required. Restricted to College of Engineering graduate or Graduate Certificate Engineering (CRTGE) students only.

EMEN 5710
Please refer to the course syllabus provided by the instructor of this course.

John SvobodaJohn Svoboda


From consumer electronics to commercial construction, telecommunications and hardware and software start-ups, John is a serial entrepreneur with wide-ranging experience.   John has owned, founded or been a principal with four Colorado-based technology-driven start-ups.  His 25 years of experience include lead roles in the areas of business development, finance, project management, strategic partnerships and technology development.  Social networking, cellular communications, in-vehicle data and energy efficiency represent some of his experience areas. John is currently a principal with a private, for-profit technology development and commercialization firm.

Earlier in his career John was a lead project manager and owner’s representative to Fortune 500 clients on major commercial construction projects across the United States.  Prior to that he was a design architect on residential, commercial and industrial projects.

John holds the MS in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado, Boulder, the MBA with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the Anderson School at UCLA and the AB in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley.