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Open the door and explore the foundations of leadership in yourself.

EMEN 5050
Leading Oneself

“Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” – John Maxwell

This course is designed to develop the student's ability to lead-through-influence by cultivating authenticity and skillfulness.  In-class exercises in personal mastery, emotional intelligence and communication provide opportunity for personal development.  Assignments create a personal laboratory experience, where students experiment with approaches and skills learned in class.  Topics covered include: authentic leadership, motivating self and others, cultivating emotional intelligence, maximizing human performance, personal mastery, creating accountability, conflict resolution, leading change, and organizational culture.  Non-EMP students require instructor permission.

  • Leadership Crucibles
  • Emotional Intelligences
  • Defining and maximizing your leadership strengths
  • Value-based leadership
  • Motivation
  • Building a Support Team
  • Purpose-driven Leadership
  • Organizational Culture

  • Understand and practice foundational leadership skills.

  • Enhance personal and professional effectiveness.

  • Develop communication and conflict resolution skills.

  • Understand the dynamics of personal and organizational change.

  • Understand the power of emotional intelligence and learn strategies for working with emotions.

  • Develop, conduct, and analyze an action plan to increase personal leadership effectiveness and/or resolve a management problem. Increase self-knowledge.

The purpose of the course is to explore the basic concepts of leadership and the essential skills required to become an effective leader and manager.

Restricted to College of Engineering graduate students or to Graduate Certificate Engineering (CRTGE) students only.

  • Spring

  • Fall