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EMEN 5041
Advanced Topics in Value Creation
Wendy Bailey

The purpose of any company is to create value for all stakeholders involved, including customers, employees, shareholders and investors. This course completes the review and understanding of the Business Performance Excellence Model initiated in EMEN 5040 (Quality, Strategy and Value Creation). It allows the student to acquire an in-depth understanding of the systems and strategies associated creating value.  These systems include: Total Asset Utilization, Customer Product/Process Rationalization, Supplier Quality Assurance Systems, and Statistical Start-Ups of new and existing lines/facilities.

Students who take this course will develop their expertise in the following areas:

  • Total Asset Utilization (TAU): A measure of how effectively an asset is used to make salable product or provide a service
  • Customer Product / Process Rationalization: A model  that assesses the true profitability of an existing portfolio; and portray how these data may be employed by Sales & Marketing to design a strategy by which profitability may be enhanced
  • Supplier Quality Assurance: A model and methods for process and profit improvement
  • Statistical Startup: Application of advanced statistical methods to qualify and optimize new equipment with respect to critical product performance, quality and defect requirements, prior to full scale production

    • Improve throughput through application of the TAU model
    • Use both the TAU and CPR models to Increase profitability without capital investment or head count reduction
    • Build a Supplier Quality Assurance system within an organization
    • Implement a statistically based approach to qualifying/certifying suppliers of raw materials, consumable supplier and/or equipment
    • Identify and control critical characteristics of incoming materials
    • Develop a system to evaluate supplier processes and products
    • Execute Statistical Start-Ups of new and existing lines/facilities to maximize profitability

    Students who take this course will use case studies and a project, both in-class and outside of class, to:

    • Construct a comprehensive model for Total Asset Utilization (TAU) and Customer/Product/Process Rationalization (CPR) to assess how to improve a company’s level of profitability
    • Evaluate a Supplier Quality Assurance model (SQA) and discover a statistically-based approach to the qualification and certification of suppliers associated with raw materials, consumable supplies, and/or equipment
    • Investigate a cutting-edge model (SSUP) and develop a statistically-based approach to the qualification and optimization of new or existing equipment
    • Apply learning from EMEN 5040 and EMEN 5041 to a real world situation.

      • Introduction
      • Understanding Customer/Consumer Requirements
      • The Key to Equipment & Facilities Optimization Without Capital Expenditures
      • Creating a Value-Added Supplier Quality Assurance System

      Completes the review and understanding of the BPE Model initiated in EMEN 5040. Allows the student to acquire an in-depth understanding of methods and principles associated with Customer and Supplier Quality Assurance Systems, Principles of Daily Management, Effective Employee Involvement models, and how to execute Statistical Start-Ups of new and existing lines/facilities.

      As a result of successfully completing this course, the student will be capable of describing contemporary models and components for developing and maintaining a high-powered organization; with the maximization of profitability in the presence of financial growth as a targeted objective.

      Requires prerequisite course of EMEN 5005 (minimum grade B). Restricted to College of Engineering graduate or Graduate Certificate Engineering (CRTGE) students only.

      Provided by the instructor.

      EMEN 5041
      Please refer to the course syllabus provided by the instructor of this course.