Congratulations Summer 2019, Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 graduates!

Thank you for joining us for the zoom session on May 7 to celebrate your achievements.  You can view a recording of the session here.   You can also view the University of Colorado Boulder Commencement Ceremony livestream from May 16, 2020.

We would like to send each of you a congratulatory gift.  Please fill out the information on the RSVP form.

And to celebrate in person, we invite you to join us on campus next spring, where we can fully celebrate all graduates in the Class of 2020 with special recognition events, including the traditional procession in commencement regalia from Norlin Quad to Folsom Field.

For general information:

For EMP department questions, please contact Kyle Freeman at, 303-735-5950.

Graduation Student Checklist

Important Reminder:

All communication from the EMP and the University will be sent to your email address only. Please ensure that you have emails forwarded from your CU account to the email address you check most frequently. Please make note of all of the below deadlines. In order to process your paperwork through the Graduate School, it is essential that the Engineering Management Program receive your information on time.​

  • Complete the EMP 10-course sequence
  • Fill out the Graduation Notification Form by the following date according to the semester you plan to graduate:
    • Fall: August 15
    • Spring: December 15
    • Summer: April 15
  • Apply for graduation online by the specified due dates. Log in to myCUinfo and go to the Student tab. Under Academic Resources, click the Apply for Graduation link.
  • Review the exam guidelines on the EMP website.
  • Check your transcript and Plan of Study to verify that you have completed all of the required coursework for the degree. Use the EMP website as a resource in reviewing the required courses. Access to your personal transcript is available on myCUinfo (choose “View my Unofficial Transcript”).
  • Fill out the “Candidacy Application for an Advanced Degree” form, which can be found on the Graduate School website. List all non-degree EMEN credits in the ‘Transfer’ section on the Candidacy form and do not include prerequisitesthat do not count towards the degree. Your signature is required on the form.
  • Submit the completed Candidacy Application to EMP by the following date according to the semester you plan to graduate:
    • Fall: September 1
    • Spring: January 2
    • Summer: May 1
  • The EMP will evaluate the Candidacy Application and process through the Graduate School.
  • The Graduate School stipulates that you must be registered for at least one credit hour the semester you graduate. If you have already completed all the courses required for the degree, you must register and pay for EMEN 6940 Master’s Degree Candidate (1cr.) in the semester you intend to take the Master’s exam. You do not need to register for EMEN 6940 if you are registered for a course. Contact the EMP for information on how to register for EMEN 6940.
  • The Master’s exam questions will be made available to you for the appropriate graduation semester/term only if you have notified the EMP of your intent to graduate by the deadline for the appropriate semester indicated above. The exam will be available in Canvas once you have submitted and passed the Honor Code Quiz.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the Master’s exam, the EMP will generate the Master’s Exam Report and notify the Graduate School of your completion.

Graduate Student Master’s Exam

Students complete their degree by completing the 10 course sequence plus a Master’s Exam. Please refer to the Master’s Exam Format below for timing and other guidelines. The exam is a summative evaluation of the student’s education. The student will be expected to write an 8-10 page paper demonstrating his/her ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate management action in an engineering context.
The student will select one topic for their paper from a set of topics provided by the EMP at the start of the semester.

The exam will require students to assimilate information from both their coursework and external sources (i.e., contemporary viewpoints from the literature and experience) about a specific topic, analyze information, synthesize it into a cogent set of constructs/ observations, and present an evaluation. The following is a sample topic:

Different CEOs / COOs have played various roles (active versus directive versus delegated – passive) in trying to achieve organizational changes within their companies, especially around the implementation of Total Quality Management / Six Sigma programs; with various degrees of success. Based upon your knowledge of leadership and value creation, your own experiences in business and industry, as well as contemporary research on this topic, what do you believe is the most effective way that an upper-level manager can successfully implement any program / system / process requiring significant organizational change? What are the three most critical determinants of success? Defend your position with data / case study examples.

The Exam should be organized as follows:

  • Statement of the topic
  • Acknowledgements
  • Body of work
  • Summary and conclusion

Type size for the report should be between 10pt and 12pt and should be consistent throughout the report – in text, figure captions, and table titles. The line spacing of the text should be 1.5 lines with 1 inch top and bottom margins. Every page is assigned a number, but numbers are not printed on the title page.

What is the commitment for the master's exam?
The exam is eight to 10 pages (eight page minimum and 10 pages max), researching and evaluating a specific topic. You have about eight weeks to complete the exam for fall or spring, and six weeks to complete the exam in the summer session.

When can I take the exam?
The exam is to be taken during or after the semester in which you complete your 10th required course. If you are planning to graduate in the summer, you may take your exam in the spring semester before. You cannot take the master’s exam if you are on academic probation. The exam is made available to eligible students in September (for fall semester), in February (for spring semester) and in June (for summer).

Do I need to register for the exam?
You do not need to register for the exam, but you do need to notify the EMP before the start of the semester you intend to graduate. If you have already completed the 10 courses required for the degree, you must register for EMEN 6940 Degree Candidacy (1 cr.) in the semester you intend to take the master’s exam and graduate.

How do I access the exam questions?
The exam questions will be made available to you via Canvas. Access for you will be set up once you complete and pass the Honor Code Quiz with a 100% by the deadline.

Is it OK to visit the Writing Center for master’s exam consultation?
Yes, please consider the following:

  1. You are a non-native English speaker so please identify yourself and your native language at the beginning of the exam.
  2. You complete your final version of the exam before seeking editing assistance from any source, including the Writing Center.
  3. You submit both your final version and the edited version as a single paper. Your no-assistance-with-editing final version should appear first and the edited version second in the combined paper. Obviously, the combined paper will exceed the page limit, but not by more than 2X.
  4. If you have already received editing assistance and are still working on your final version:
  • Continue working on your final version
  • Do not solicit any additional editing assistance
  • Describe the editing assistance you received while still drafting the final version
  • Once you have a final version, submit it, subject to the next point
  • If you solicit additional editing assistance on your final version, include the edited version in a combined document as described above