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Date: Thu Dec 15 2011 - 21:01:06 MST

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    From: Administrative E-Memo <memofrom@Colorado.EDU>
    Subject: NEWS for FRPA 2011 REPORTING

    TO: Boulder Campus Teaching & Research Faculty, Staff,
             Deans, Directors, Dept Chairs

    FROM: Jeff Cox, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs

    SENDER: Liz Tomich

    DATE: December 16, 2011




    ** FRPA Moves to MyCUInfo

    ** New Codes for FRPA 2011

    ** Faculty Profiles on VIVO CU-Boulder

    ** Changes to Research & Expertise Fields

    ** Updated Keywords List

    ** Faculty Photos Upload to FRPA

    ** Vita Recommendations

    ** Unit Profiles and FRPA

    ** Outreach

    ** Deadlines and Contacts


    FRPA Moves to MyCUInfo

    FRPA Online has been moved to the University System MyCUInfo portal. The
    Boulder campus CUConnect portal will be decommissioned so all reporting tools
    have been moved. Using your identikey campus credentials, log on to MyCUInfo at Click the "CU Resources" tab. See the words
    "Faculty Reporting" in the bottom left corner of this tab. Click the + sign
    to expand the Faculty Reporting pagelet to see the link to FRPA.

    Questions about accessing MyCUInfo may be directed to the Boulder Campus OIT
    Service Center (, 303-735-HELP). The MyCUInfo portal is
    managed by the University Information System (UIS) group, but the Boulder
    campus OIT Service Center will continue to provide help desk service for these
    questions. Teaching faculty will also find Faculty Reporting and FRPA Online
    under the "Teaching Tools" tab of MyCUInfo.

    NEW CODES Added in 2011

    For the 2011 FRPA reporting cycle, these codes were added:

    385 Practice of Librarianship
    440 Encyclopedia, Dictionary, and Short Reference Entries
    441 Translation of Articles or Books
    442 Translations by Others of Your Articles or Books
    450 Media Interviews Related to Scholarly Works
    698 Other Public Service - Community Activities

    Code added in 2010:
    340 Diversity Activities Related to Teaching

    See the complete details of the FRPA coding structure on a sample form at .


    SEARCHABLE Online Faculty Profiles: VIVO CU-Boulder

    VIVO CU-Boulder is our new online search and discovery faculty profile system
    that emphasizes research, expertise and global connections at the Boulder
    campus. FRPA Online will serve as a central repository for much of the data
    that will populate the faculty profiles on VIVO CU-Boulder. FRPA items that
    will post as public data to VIVO CU-Boulder are now clearly marked on FRPA
    Online at the point of entry so faculty can be certain about the use of
    information they are submitting. Many of the traditional FRPA activities will
    not be posted to VIVO.

    Go to to learn more about the work of the Boulder
    campus faculty. Limited release: As of April, 2011, VIVO is accessible only to
    Boulder campus users in order to allow for faculty to review their data and
    update profile information as needed.
    General release to the Web: After January 1, 2012.

    The faculty profiles will serve as a much-needed resource for campus
    promotional efforts to boost the visibility of research and creative work at
    CU-Boulder and will provide critical insight into trends on campus as well as
    serving as an important collaborative tool to inform students, donors, industry
    leaders and all others interested in working with or supporting the efforts of
    CU-Boulder faculty. Go to for more about how
    VIVO supports the campus, to view the project phases, and to see who is
    included in VIVO. Questions about the VIVO project may be directed to Liz
    Tomich at


    To collect more complete information about faculty academic expertise, these
    areas were added in 2010 to the FRPA Research and Expertise section:

      1. Research Keywords - updated keywords thesaurus (see section 7 below)
      2. User-defined Keywords
      3. URLs for individual faculty websites
      4. Research Overview - a brief narrative (1000 characters)

    An additional field has been added for information on sensitive or restricted
    research that faculty may be doing that will NOT be publicly disseminated.

    FRPA items that will post as public data to VIVO CU-Boulder are now clearly
    marked on FRPA Online at the point of data collection. Many of the traditional
    FRPA activities will not be published to VIVO.

    KEYWORDS List Updated in 2010

    Updated for the first time since its implementation in 1997, the keywords
    thesaurus remains an important tool for identifying faculty expertise. Based on
    the SPIN database used nationally for grant funding, the keywords list serves
    as a structured vocabulary which is key to linking with ontologies central to
    the semantic web national networking efforts of our VIVO project. For a list of
    the more than 300 keywords recently added, visit this link: .

    Faculty Photos Submitted Through FRPA Online

    Faculty may now upload a digital profile photo through FRPA Online. Subsequent
    uploads will replace the previous photo on record. These photos will be used
    for faculty profiles on the VIVO CU-Boulder site which will grow to provide
    complete information about faculty and their research interests. Instructions
    and parameters are included on the Profile Photo page at the point of
    submitting the photo. Images need to be web-page friendly and in GIF, JPEG or
    PNG format, so only files ending in .gif, .png, .jpg or .jpeg are accepted.
    Images must be, at minimum, 200 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. Maximum file
    name length is 100 characters. Photos might be slightly cropped or resized
    prior to posting on VIVO CU-Boulder. Faculty may, alternatively, get a profile
    photo taken by the Campus Photographer at their east campus studio. Please
    contact them at or call 303-492-3119.

    Faculty VITA: File Recommendations

    Faculty vitas submitted through FRPA Online will be displayed as a PDF file on
    VIVO CU-Boulder, the campus faculty profile project.

    Faculty should consider the personal information included on their submitted
    vitas now that this information will be viewed publicly. Possible items to
    avoid include: home contact information, names of family members, date of
    birth, and other personal items not related to your professional work. Content
    of the vita is ultimately at the discretion of the individual faculty member.

    Most file formats are still accepted for vita submission through the FRPA
    process; however, a PDF format will insure that your vita will remainun changed
    when viewed online. Most special formatting remains intact regardless of file
    format, but slight changes may occur in non-English language text or with other
    special characters for file formats other than PDF.

    Unit Profiles for Academic Review and Planning

    FRPA data are now being used to compile unit profiles which provide descriptive
    information comparing units on the Boulder campus. To see how FRPA data are
    being used to support the program review process, go to, click "Get list" and open
    the PDF for the unit you are interested in viewing. Go to Section 3 (Research,
    Scholarship, and Creative Work) to see a summary of seven years of FRPA data
    for faculty currently affiliated with the unit, and to Appendix 3
    (Summarization of FRPA Activity Codes) for details. Institutional Analysis is
    compiling these comprehensive documents for the campus which involves many data
    sources and many areas of interest about each unit. This newly expanded use of
    FRPA data makes accurate reporting even more important. Faculty Affairs is
    hoping to revise the reporting application in the future to improve and
    simplify the reporting experience for faculty to insure more complete
    reporting, but for now, it is important for faculty to realize the importance
    of accurately submitting information on their annual activities through FRPA
    Online. Questions related to program review should be directed to Andre Grothe
    at Questions related to the unit profiles should be
    directed to Lou McClelland in Institutional Analysis.

    OUTREACH Activities

    Faculty who connect with external audiences through their teaching, research,
    creative work or service are involved in outreach and engagement activities as
    defined by the University of Colorado at Boulder. Faculty are invited and
    encouraged to complete the outreach portion of the FRPA. This information helps
    to portray the full complement of a faculty member's scholarly activity and
    conveys the impact of faculty outreach and engagement to external constituents.

    Faculty are asked to consider the ways in which scholarly outreach activities
    naturally occur in their teaching, research and creative work and service in
    each category; specific outreach codes appear in each section. For more
    information and examples, click on the "Outreach Activities" link in the
    left frame. Further questions about outreach data should be directed to Linda
    Molner Kelley at the Office for University Outreach at 735-5186 or


    For FRPA 2011, the submission deadline will be February 1. Your FRPA must be
    submitted to your primary unit using the FRPA Online application by February 1, 2012.

    The FRPA 2011 data set will be frozen as of May 1, 2012. No additions or
    revisions to the 2011 FRPA are allowed after April 30, 2012.


    For questions regarding:
      FRPA codes, policy, and deadlines - contact Kristina Cizmar at
      VIVO CU-Boulder - contact Liz Tomich at 303-492-4226 or

    A pdf of this document plus the sample FRPA form is available at

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