The following are examples of courses taught by electromagnetics, RF and microwaves engineering faculty. For the most up-to-date information on courses that will be offered in upcoming semesters, please access the department's course planning spreadsheet

Graduate Courses

  • ECEN 5104, Computer-Aided Microwave Circuit Design 
  • ECEN 5114, Waveguides and Transmission Lines 
  • ECEN 5134, Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas 
  • ECEN 5144, Electromagnetic Boundary Problems 
  • ECEN 5156, Physical Optics 
  • ECEN 5166, Guided-Wave Optics 
  • ECEN 5254, Radar and Remote Sensing

Advanced special topics in antenna array synthesis, asymptotic methods, microstrip antenna design and numerical methods are offered on an on-demand basis.

Undergraduate Courses

  • ECEN 3410, EM Waves and Transmissions
  • ECEN 4634, Microwave/RF Lab
  • ECEN 3170, Electromagnetic Energy Conversion 1
  • ECEN 4167, Electromagnetic Energy Conversion 2