This Environmental Health & Safety guideline documentation is intended for researchers and laboratory personnel.

Colorado Workers' Comphensation Information

Your employer has workers’ compensation coverage for employees through:
University Risk Management
1800 Grant Street, Suite 700 Denver, CO 80203 Campus Box 014 UCA
Fax: 303-860-5680

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance coverage that employers must provide to their employees. The cost of workers’ compensation insurance is paid entirely by the employer and may not be deducted from an employee’s wages.

If you are injured or sustain an occupational disease while at work, you may be entitled to compensation benefits as provided by law. Written notice must be give to  your employer within 4 working days of the accident. If you don’t report your injury or occupational disease promptly your benefits may be reduced.

If you are unable to work as the result of a work-related injury or occupational disease, compensation (wage replacement) benefits will be based on 2/3 of your average weekly wage up to a maximum set by law. No compensation is payable for the first 3 days’ disability unless the period of disability exceeds two weeks.

You are entitled to reasonable and necessary medical treatment of compensable injuries or occupational diseases. If you notify your employer of an injury or occupational disease and are not offered medical care, you may select the services of a licensed physician or chiropractor.

You may file a Worker’s Claim for Compensation with the Division of Workers’ Compensation. To obtain forms or information regarding the workers’ compensation system, you may call Customer Service at 303-318-8700 or visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment website

 Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation
 633 17TH Street, Suite 400, Denver, CO 80202-3626

Any information provided below comes from your employer and is specific to this place of employment:

In case of emergency, CALL 911 or go to the closest urgent care facility or medical emergency room.

If you are injured after hours, while traveling, or far from a DMP, go to the nearest closest urgent care facility or medical emergency room, then contact University Risk Management at 303-860-5682 or 888-812-9601 for further instructions.

For non-emergencies or for follow up care, you must be treated at a university Designated Medical Provider. Please refer to the following DMP’s with facilities in the vicinity of your location:

Facility Locations

North Metro Denver & Boulder

Lori Long, MD 

1690 30th Street Boulder, CO 80301

Terrell Webb MD 

205 S. Main Street, Suite C Longmont, CO 80501

Felix Meza, MD 

3300 28th Street Boulder, CO 80301

Peak Form Medical Clinic

805 S. Broadway #201
Boulder, CO 80305

Workwell Occupational Medicine 

205 S. Main Street, Suite C
Longmont, CO 80501

Centura Centers for Occupational Medicine (CCOM) 

7233 Church Ranch Blvd
Westminster, CO 80021

Concentra Medical Centers

Boulder Concentra Urgent Care
3300 28th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

Broomfield Concentra Urgent Care 
290 Nickel Street Suite 200
Broomfield, CO 80020

University Risk Management, not your health insurance, is responsible for payment of services related to an on-the job injury. Send any workers’ compensation related bills you receive from an authorized medical provider to URM.