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IBL Past and Future

We are currently studying how people, structures, and ideas are important to the past development, current growth, and future sustainability of an educational community that promotes inquiry-based learning in college mathematics. Some of this work reveals opportunities and challenges for the IBL Math community in defining itself, including its historical linkages to the name of R. L. Moore. We have summarized these findings for community members and others, and we have collected some responses from community members with their ideas and suggestions of how to respond.

Laursen, S., Haberler, Z., & Hayward, C. (2017). The past, present, and future of the IBL community in mathematics.  Boulder, CO: University of Colorado Boulder, Ethnography & Evaluation Research.

Laursen, S. L., Haberler, Z., & Hayward, C. N. (2017). Messaging for a movement: Names, ideas, and inclusion in the movement for inquiry-based learning in mathematics. 2017 Joint Mathematics Meeting, Atlanta, GA, Jan. 4-7. (18-minute video presentation)

Community responses:

Katz, B. P. (2017). Personal Statement on the Future of the IBL Community.

Rasmussen, C. (2017). From Inquiry to Critical Inquiry.

Starbird, M. (2017). Response to: The Past, Present, and Future of the IBL Community in Mathematics.

White, N., & Mesa, V. (2017).  Where are the two-year college faculty? A response to “The Past, Present, and Future of the IBL Community in Mathematics.” 

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