The Leaf: Integrating Evolution, Development, and Function

A MORPH sponsored workshop at the University of Colorado, Boulder from January 29th-31st, 2010.  Download a flyer here (.pdf).

This intensive workshop provided an opportunity for a select group of doctoral students and distinguished investigators in plant evolutionary developmental biology to interact. Each participant outlined critical issues associated with his/her evolutionary, developmental, and/or functional research program and there was extensive discussion.

Workshop faculty

Neelima Sinha, University of California, Davis

Cynthia S. Jones, University of Connecticut

Sarah Hake, University of California, Berkeley

Miltos Tsiantis, University of Oxford

Nancy Dengler, University of Toronto

C. Kevin Boyce, University of Chicago

Darleen DeMason, University of California, Riverside

Noel Michele Holbrook, Harvard University

William Friedman, University of Colorado, Boulder

Workshop students

A select group of Ph.D. students from U.S. institutions or with U.S. citizenship was chosen to participate. Travel and hotel costs were covered for these students. 


An NSF Research Coordination Network (2003-2010)