Homology: Conceptual and Historical Integration from the Morphological to the Molecular

A MORPH sponsored workshop at the University of Colorado, Boulder January 16th-18th, 2009.

This intensive workshop provided an opportunity for a select group of doctoral students and distinguished investigators in plant evolutionary developmental biology to interact. The goal was to address conceptual hurdles associated with the analysis of homology. In particular, participants focused on the integration of molecular, organismic, and phylogenetic data to address long standing questions of homology in plants. Each participant outlined critical issues associated with his/her evolutionary developmental research program and there was extensive discussion.

Workshop faculty

Jo Ann Banks, Purdue University

David Baum, University of Wisconsin

James Doyle, University of California, Davis

William Friedman, University of Colorado, Boulder

Larry Hufford, Washington State University

Elizabeth Kellogg, University of Missouri

Amy Litt, New York Botanical Garden

Peter Stevens, Missouri Botanical Garden

Sabine Zachgo, University of Osnabruck

Workshop students

The Agenda

MORPH hosted a three-day, all expenses paid workshop. Faculty and students from around the world gave presentations, discussed critical topics and direction in the field of plant evolution and development, toured the Ramaley Greenhouse, and met for more informal discussions over meals.


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