Symposia and Workshops

The MORPH Research Coordination Network sponsored a series of symposia and workshops in conjunction with diverse biological societies.

MORPH Workshops:

2010: The Leaf: Integrating Evolution, Development, and Function

2009: Homology: Conceptual Integration from the Morphological to the Molecular

2007: Investigating the Evolution of Plant Form: Conceptual Integration from the Molecular to the Ecological

MORPH Sponsored Symposia:

2007: Symposia at BSA/ASPB

Evolutionary Development

Evolution of Flower Development: From Phenotypes to Genes

Emerging Model Species for Developmental, Evolutionary, and Functional


Molecules to Morphology: Developing an Understanding of Plant Evolution Through


The Functional Significance of Leaf Shape Variation - Towards a Consensus from

    Gene to Community

Vegetative Development

Evolution of Development and Physiology

2006: The Comparative - Phylogenetic Method of Reconstructing Evolutionary History

2005: Causes and Consequences of Floral Developmental Change

2004: Discerning Homologies: Gene Expression, Development, and Morphology

Other MORPH Meetings:

2005: Meeting of Botanical Gardens

2003: Meeting of the Core Participant Research Groups


An NSF Research Coordination Network (2003-2010)