Molecular and Organismic Research in Plant History

The MORPH RCN (2004-2010) fostered cross-disciplinary interactions between organismic and molecular plant biologists studying the evolution of morphological diversity to promote a modern synthesis in plant evolutionary developmental biology.

The primary activities of the MORPH RCN were to support training opportunities for students, postdoctorals, and early career professors between organismic (neobotanical and paleobotanical) and molecular labs; and a series of annual meetings and symposia that focused on current topics in plant evo-devo.

This network helped to invigorate of the discipline of plant evolutionary developmental biology and enhanced the discovery of the underlying developmental principles that have governed the diversification of plant form over the last 500 million years.

Since its inception, MORPH has dispersed over 200 hundred grants to undergraduates, graduate students, post doctoral researchers and junior faculty in association with more than 100 institutions across six continents.

Although the MORPH grant has ended, the remarkable success of MORPH was a contributing factor in the creation of a new and exciting NSF Research Coordination Network, microMORPH.  To learn more about the mission and activities of microMORPH as well as training and funding opportunities, please visit the new microMORPH website at

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