MORPH Labs and Botanic Gardens - Postdoctorals

MORPH hosts web pages for plant paleo, morphological, and molecular development and evolution labs and botanic gardens. The links below will take you to these pages, including research interests and recent publications with links to on-line articles. If you are thinking about applying for a cross-disciplinary training grant or a grant to visit a botanic garden, this is an excellent place to start looking for a host institution or lab. Of course, MORPH will also provide grants to visit appropriate labs or botanic gardens that are not listed here. This database continues to grow; please check back regularly.

If you would like MORP to host a page for you, your lab, or your botanic garden please contact Rob Baker ( and we will be happy to set up a page for you.

Maria von Balthazar

Matyas Buzgo

Sandy Floyd

Koen Geuten

Barbara Gravendeel

Julie Hofer

Shawn Krosnick

Jae-Hyeok Lee

Eric Madrid

Simon Malcomber

Stuart McDaniel

Mariana Mondragon-Palomino

Mathieu Perret

F. Xavier Pico

Jennifer Winther


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