MORPH and Education

One of the goals of the MORPH Research Coordination Network was to develop new talent in the field of plant evo-devo. To this end, MORPH promoted educational opportunities at all levels.

MORPH sponsored workshops

2010 Workshop: “The Leaf: Integrating Evolution, Development, and Function”. 

2009 Workshop: “Homology: Conceptual Integration from the Morphological to the Molecular”

2007 Workshop: “Investigating the Evolution of Plant Form: Conceptual Integration from the Molecular to the Ecological”

Links to external plant evo-devo instruactional labs and resources

Plant science primary and secondary education

Planting Science

A web-based organization dedicated to teaming up middle and highschool students with mentors in the plant science field for the purpose of learning about science and conducting hands-on experiments in the classroom.

Plant evo-devo post-secondary education

Reconstructing the Evolution of Cauliflower and Broccoli

This laboratory exercise allows college level students to make connections between plant morphology and the genetic differences affecting plant development. Students look for gene and protein sequence differences that explain differences in morphology between Brassica oleracea subspecies, using the Student Interface to the Biology Workbench. This laboratory was developed by Susan Singer, Sarah Deel, and Debby Walser-Kuntz at Carleton College.


An NSF Research Coordination Network (2003-2010)