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If you are interested in ecosystem ecology and/or microbial ecology, the University of Colorado at Boulder is an exciting place to work. There are a large number of research groups on campus with common interests and I encourage postdocs and graduate students to pursue collaborations with other groups.

The university is in close proximity to a diverse array of potential field sites, from alpine tundra to conifer forests to shortgrass prairie. Of course, Boulder is also a great place to live andxxx play.

I am interested in accepting motivated students who have prior research experience and want to work in the field of microbial ecology. I strongly discourage prospective students from applying if they are planning to enter graduate school straight after obtaining their undergraduate degree.

ants who are interested in using molecular tools to address questions of ecological importance are particularly encouraged to apply. I do not expect students to arrive with a concrete dissertation topic in mind, however, I do expect students to have a general idea of the questions/topics they are interested in studying. I am comfortable accepting students with research interests that may not necessarily be directly related to my ongoing research projects. Over the course of their dissertation, I will work with students to formulate a novel and creative thesis that meets their professional goals. While I will support students generously with my time and grant support, I expect students to actively seek external sources of funding. Interested students should contact me and consult the EBIO website for information on the application process. In your email to me, please detail your scientific interests and research background.