Kathryn Wiley
PhD Candidate and MA Program Ambassador
EFPP: Educational Foundations, Policy & Practice

School of Education, Room 354
University of Colorado Boulder
249 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309

I am a PhD Candidate in Educational Foundations, Policy, and Practice (EFPP) and the Student Ambassador for the EFPP Master's program, from which I graduated in 2011. My research interests include educational sociology; education reform policies; race, class, and gender studies, and qualitative methods. 

I am currently assisting in a mixed-method evaluation of an after-school, educational outreach program. Previously, I have conducted research examining statewide school discipline rates and disparities; student educational trajectories in STEM schools; demographic change in metropolitan areas schools, and spending variations between traditional schools and charter schools. Currently I am designing a research project to examine turnaround policies in Colorado.

Teaching is very important to me. I continue to teach an undergraduate-level education sociology course called School and Society (EDUC 3013), which covers education history, curriculum traditions, and major policies issues from a critical perspective. My teaching philosophy emphasizes relationships and collaboration, active learning, and critical thinking and intellectual rigor. In addition to teaching at the undergraduate level, I have also taught high school students in CU-Boulder’s Upward Bound summer program.