Fernando Rosario-Ortiz
Interim Dean

Fernando Rosario-Ortiz is Interim Dean at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education. He is also a Professor of Environmental Engineering at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) at CU Boulder. Prior to his appointment as Interim Dean for the School of Education, he served as Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement (2021-2023) and Director of the Environmental Engineering Program (2019-2021) at CEAS. He joined CU as an assistant professor in 2008. 

His scholarly work focuses on the environmental chemical processes, including how sunlight drives the degradation of organic contaminants in surface waters as well as the impact that wildfires can have on water quality and treatment. Regarding his work on wildfires and water quality, he works directly with many drinking water utilities supporting efforts to improve the resilience of these systems to the threats that fires can have. He has published extensively in the area of environmental chemistry and also serves as one of the Executive Editors for the scientific journal Environmental Science and Technology.

As Interim Dean, Fernando is committed to continue to advance the School of Education's public scholarship and educational equity and justice mission. He will focus on supporting the school in our overall mission and continue to enhance the reputation of the school locally and nationally.


  • D.Env. Environmental Science and Engineering, UCLA, 2008
  • MS Chemistry, CALTECH, 2002
  • BS Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico, 1999