What is PIE?

Co-founded by Chancellor DiStefano in 1987, the PIE Program has been fostering relationships and building community with surrounding school districts for over 30 years! PIE offers a unique opportunity for novice teachers entering their first through third years of teaching to earn their Master's degree while working closely with "Clinical Professors" (experienced teachers in partner districts), including: St. Vrain Valley School District, Adams 12 Five Star Schools, and the Brighton 27J School District. 

How does it work?

PIE teachers work as full-time teachers for one year at a reduced salary—benefitting from reduced university tuition and intensive coaching—while earning credits toward a Master's degree. PIE teachers can pursue a Master's degree in either the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) program or Educational Equity & Cultural Diversity (EECD) program. Both pathways are open to elementary and secondary teachers.

For more information contact Penny Scott Oliver at Penny.Oliver@Colorado.edu.

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