The Community of Mathematicians on the WWW

Math and Science Teachers are no exception to the idea of forming communities of interest on the WWW. Some sites to get started are:
The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive
The best source for biographies of mathematicians on the net. This History of Mathematics archive is part of the Mathematical MacTutor system developed at the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences University of St Andrews for learning and experimenting with mathematics. An interesting feature is the collection of articles on famous curves. Some include Java applets which allow you to play with the curves themselves.
The Colorado Model Content Standards for Mathematics.
Also see The Colorado Department of Education
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
An amazing site. Allows you to point and click to create a map of any region on six continents. By zooming in, you can get close enough to create a road map. In the U.S., the map includes all streets in every state. In addition, TripQuest will generate detailed directions between any two points in the U.S. Note that the directions will get you there, but they may not be the shortest route.
Math and Science Education
A list of sites for educators from the Yahoo search engine.
at Boston University is a resource for teachers built by Bob Devaney.
Math Archives
An index to WWW math resources for educators; It has 12 sites for graphing calculators - and lots more!
K-12 Teaching Materials
Another rich index.
The Geometry Forum
Materials for K-12 geometry teachers, includes lesson plans and links to useful sites on the web.
Downloadable Software free on the WWW.
KIDSWEB Mathematics Page
A www math resources that is especially chosen for K-12 students.
A project of activities in math for K-12. It looks at knots, games on graphs, sharing ice-cream, the hotel infinity, and much more.
The Geometry Center
The geometry Center produces software for illustrating geometric concepts and offers summer teacher programs.
The Illinois Math and Science Academy is a magnet school's home page.