The Discrete Mathematics Project:

A Professional Development Project for Colorado High School Mathematics Teachers at the University of Colorado at Boulder

Integrate new mathematics into your classroom instruction.
Collaborate with colleagues from your department as well as from other schools.
Learn how to access valuable resources from the internet.
Earn three graduate credits!

Summer workshop at C.U. at Boulder:
July 29 -- August 8, 1996
8:00 a.m. -- 1:00 p.m.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathemtics has recently (1989) elevated discrete mentatics to the level of algebra, geometry, and calculus by including a separate discrete mathematics standard in their Standards document. Indeed, the use of discrete mathematrics has an essential part in the development of students' mathematical power in a society grounded in technology and communication. In particular, discrete mathematics includes and addresses: Social Decision Making, Fair Division, Election Theory, Graph Theory, Counting Techniques, Matrix Models, and Mathematical Iteration/Recursion.

Join a group of mathematics educators for a 2-week summer workshop, with follow-up sessions during the 1996-1997 academic year, as they explore how to teach discree mathematics in their high school classes. Participants will earn three graduate credits through the University of Colorado's Continuing Education Program. The cost of these credits, as well as substitute pay for the follow-up sessions, will be covered by the Discrete Mathematics Project.

For information and applications contact:

	Dr. Dominic D. Peressini
	University of Colorado at Boulder
	School of Education
	Campus Box 249
	Boulder   CO   80309-0249

	Telephone: (303) 492-4242
	FAX: (303)492-7090
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