Published: June 4, 2020

The Research Hub for Youth Organizing stands collectively as one people, in support of the recent protests across the nation. There is no excuse for the misuse of power and police brutality. There are no words to express the depth of our sorrow for the families and communities of George Floyd and every other person and community in this country who have felt the foot of racism, tyranny, and hate. As one voice, we express our outrage at this continued subjugation of our brothers and sisters and say that Black Lives Matter! 

As we live and breathe in this moment we commit to retaining hope for a just future. The Research Hub’s work with youth organizers and community-based organizations operating in the United States and internationally, tells us that such a future is possible. 

In keeping with our mission to support young people's capacity to claim power and create more just communities through field-driven research, we celebrate and amplify the actions taken by youth organizers and activists demonstrating for racial justice, and we encourage others to support their work. 

These youth organizing groups and community-based organizations give us hope, because they are doing the patient and steady work of peer-to-peer teaching, community organizing, and building movements for change. We center their voices as important contributors working for a just tomorrow and we join them in saying that Black lives matter. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter! BLACK LIVES MATTER!!