Philip Graves

Econ 223
Telephone: 303.492.7021
Fax: 303.492.8960
Dept. Phone: 303.735.5500

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Urban/Regional Economics • Environmental Economics • Monetary Economics

Current Research Interests: 
Migration and amenities; hedonic valuation; environmental policy research; applications of price theory.

• American Economic Association
• Regional Science Association

Short CV

PhD–Economics, Northwestern University
MA–Economics, Northwestern University
BA–Economics, Indiana University

PhD, Northwestern University, 1973, is a professor whose interests currently lie in urban/regional, environmental economics, and applied price theory. His recent research emphasizes the role of labor supply market failures for optimal public goods provision and for the willingness-to-accept versus willingness-to-pay disparity. Similar issues of labor supply, as it varies according to whether technological progress occurs predominantly for new goods vis-a-vis existing goods, underlie Graves' recent work in economic growth and business cycles. He continues his long-standing interest in the role of amenities in the location and relocation decisions of households and monetary economics, while pursuing several topics in applied microeconomics.