Charles de Bartolomé

Econ 203
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Public Economics and Microeconomic Theory

Current Research Interests: 
State and local sector; urban economics; the design of tax structures and transfer programs.

Short CV

PhD–University of Pennsylvania
MBA–Wharton Graduate School, University of Pennsylvania
BA–Cambridge University

PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1985, is a professor who is interested in the public sectors of the economy, with special emphasis on the state and local government sectors, and on the design of tax structures and transfer programs. His work stresses that community expenditure levels are critically affected by the socio-economic composition of the community and by the tax instruments used to finance the expenditures. He has also investigated the effectiveness of state development programs. On tax and transfer issues, he has considered the equity implications of collecting tax revenue efficiently, the insurance issues associated with Social Security, the design of the formulae by which states redistribute resources between communities, the marginal tax rate which individuals perceive they face, and the rate at which property taxes are capitalized into house prices. He is currently working on the economics of smoking bans.