A Guide to US Regulations
State and Local

The number of CAFOs, type of livestock, and average size of the CAFO operations vary significantly from state to state.  Therefore, state specific regulations to CAFOs are likely to exist in most states.  For example, hog farms are predominate in some states where as poultry farms are predominate in others.  In addition, the EPA has divided the country into 10 regions.  These regions can develop region specific regulations and also help organize information from states within the region.  This page will provide guidence to both regional and state sites.  Obviously, the information available on this tier is extremely large.  This page is a guide, NOT a comprehensive collection of all the regulations and information available.  This statement leads to a remark about local regulations.  It is possible for local (county, city, etc.) regulations to exist that are applicable to CAFOs.  As the collection of the information is out of the scope of this webpage, it does not mean that local regulations are insignificant.  Some suggestions for identifying local reguations are discussed below.

Note that the environmental concerns remain the same (i.e., water and air pollution).  In contrast to federal regulations, many of the state and local governments have addressed both water and air pollution.

State Compendium:  Programs and Regulatory Activities Related to Animal Feeding Operations

"The State Compendium is a compilation of AFO-related state program and state initiative information intended to illustrate how states are regulating AFOs, with a specific focus on the use of permits or similar mechanisms. The State Compendium was updated in May 2002."

Resource for State Information

The Grace Factory Farm Project has put to together a comprehensive list of state relevant websites and information.  The regional information webpage should provide an excellent tool for finding information from each state.  In addition, for many of the states, links relevant to local CAFO regulations are provided.

State Environmental Agencies

As the EPA is the federal agency responsible for setting national environmental standards, each state has an agency responsible for setting state environmental standards.  Below is a webpage that provides links which will lead to the homepage of every states' environmental agency.  After reaching the website the searching belongs to you.  Some of the state environmental agencies' websites will have information specific to animal feeding operations.  Try using the "search engine" to find specific information.  These pages are also useful because of the contact information that is provided.  Contact the state water and air departments to get information regarding CAFO regulations.  Lastly, many of these websites will provide links to local (city, county, etc.) websites.

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