Professor Edward Morey

Econ 4545: Environmental Economics

In the past I have always copied exam questions into these sets of review questions. As of Fall 2014 I have stopped that practice.

I do so to give you a better sense of what an exams will be like in terms of length and format.

So, as to not duplicate, I will not copy new exam questions to the review sheets.

However, keep in mind that when I create a new exam or quiz I start by viewing and modifying old questions.

Questions that will now be in two places: here and on the old-exam page


Set 1 with some answers (What is Economics, and what does it have to do with the environment?)

Set 2 with some answers (Markets, Efficiency, Inefficiency, Market Failure,Corrections, Equity, etc)

Set 3 (NonMarket Valuation)

Set 4 (Global Warming, Present Value, Discounting)

Set 5 (Mobile-Source Pollution)

Set 6 (Congestion: roads and parks)

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Last Update: 10-19-14