Professor Edward Morey

Econ 4535 and 4545: Natural Resource Economics and Environmental Economics

Papers and projects by former students in this class and related classes

These are all good papers that I enjoyed reading. However, that does not mean they are all without mistakes, typos and errors of logic. It is difficult to write a paper without at least some of these evils.

On some of these papers, I have attached notes with comments.

The Rail Line Quarry Proposal: A Failure to Utilize Available Methods, Blake Melton for Econ 4545, Spring 99

The Boulder Fly Fisherman's Dilemma, Scott Crabtree and Amelie Benear for Econ 4535, Fall 99

Economic Impacts of Polluting Lake Michigan, Josh Hergan for Econ 4535, Fall 99

Four Tribes Four Dams, Chris Ahlstrand for Econ 4535, Fall 99

, Desiree Pacheco, Econ 4545, Fall 03

Economic Efficiency and Non-Market Failure: An analysis of the Renewable Portfolio Standard for Colorado’s Energy Market, Ric O'Connell, Econ 4545, Fall 03

Mandatory deposits for non refillable beverage containers: Are they fixing the externalities? The German case, Florian Ade, Econ 4545, Fall 03

Reintroduction of wolves, Ryan Duncan, Econ 4545, Fall 03

Willingness to pay for lost pets, Grant Grigorian, Econ 4545, Fall 03

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