Academic & Employment Opportunities

Internship Opportunities Deadline
Bartlett Internships for Economics N/A
HUD–WHL Internship (8.16) N/A
Business, IT & Health Care Internships with Kaiser Permanente (10.15) N/A
StudySoup (12.16) N/A
Jewish Studies Internships for Course Credit (4.17) N/A
St. Louis Federal Reserve Research (9.17) Rolling
New York Federal Reserve Research Assistant Intern (9.17) Spring 2018
Career Up International Interships (9.17) Rolling
Big Island Farms Internship (9.17) Winter/Spring 2018
Asia Internship Program (11.17) February 4, 2018
Columbia Business School (11.17) March 1, 2018
City Internships (12.17) Spring 2018
Job Opportunities  
The BuffTutor Network (9.16) N/A
Campus Ambassador for the Wildlife Conservation Society (9.16) N/A
Data Analyst at Wiland (4.17) N/A
St. Louis Federal Reserve Research (9.17) Rolling
SASC Tutoring (11.17) Fall 2017
New York Federal Reserve Research Assistant Multiple Fields (9.17) Spring 2018
CU Arts and Sciences Education Through Technology Student Fellow (9.17) Until Filled
Resources for the Future RA (9.17) Multiple Positions
Colorado Legislative Council (10.17) Open Until Filled
Kansas City Federal Reserve Denver Research Associate (11.17) Open Until Filled
Federal Reserve System: Research Assistant All Locations (10.17) Rolling
Brookings: Research Assistant (12.17) February 16, 2018
AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program (4.17) January 15, 2018
Academic Opportunities  
Colorado Data Science Team (12.16) N/A
Carroll Round Undergraduate Conference (11.17) February 9, 2018
Eaton Travel Sabbaticals  
Eugene D. Eaton Jr. Travel Sabbaticals (2.17) March 31, 2018
Education Abroad  
CU Education Abroad  
Career Services Online, University of Colorado at Boulder  
Job Resource Center  
LSAT preparation  
PACE Undergraduate Conference Funding