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Robert F. McNownRobert F. McNown

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Applied Econometrics

Current Research Interests:
Econometric Estimation of Dynamic Models, Time Series, Forecasting.

Faculty Research Associate, Institute of Behavioral Science, Population

Short CV

PhD–University of California, San Diego
BA–University of California, Los Angeles

PhD, University of California, San Diego, 1971, is a professor with specialties in econometrics, time series analysis, and forecasting. He has published research involving applications of econometric methods to policy-related issues in the fields of labor economics, macroeconomics, and international finance. His interest in the evaluation and comparison of forecasts has led to his involvement in demographic forecasting projects with the Institute of Behavioral Science and economic forecasting with several agencies of the State of Colorado. He has been a Fulbright Lecturer in Nepal (1979 to 1981) and Vietnam (fall 2006), a Fulbright Specialist in Malaysia (spring 2014), has taught econometrics in Beijing, China (spring 1989), has been a faculty member on Semester at Sea (spring 1995, spring 1998, and fall 2013), and was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Econometrics at the University of Sydney in 2003.