Continuing the spirit and action spurred by the first Earth Day, over 150 students, faculty, and Zero Waste professionals around the country joined in a virtual teach-in hosted in celebration of the CU-Boulder Environmental Center's fiftieth anniversary. 

Program highlights and access to resources follow.  Request updates at 

Zero Waste 101

Ric Anthony: Zero Waste International Alliance Board, National Recycling Coalition Board

Join Zero Waste pioneer, Ric Anthony's dove into the basics of Zero Waste.  Ric drew from the course he currently teaches for Zero Waste USA.  See Ric Anthony's bio and connect.

Class in Professional Certification

Judi Gregory - National Standards Certification Board / GreenEducation.US

Did you know that there are twenty-five skills and proficiencies for professional certification in the field?  Sample test questions and course overview is provided in her presentation.

A short clip from her presentation is linked below.

Kitchen Composting with Worms

Rhonda Sherman, North Carolina State University Center Compost Learning Lab

Vermicomposting matriarch, Rhonda Sherman provided worm bin basics and much more.  Watch her five minute video.


NC State Composting Website 

Resilience Stretching

how much waste are you for?

Karyn Kaplan, University of Oregon Zero Waste (retired)

Robyn Hathcock, University of Oregon Sustainability Program Manager

Campus recycling pioneers Karyn Kaplan and Robyn Hathcock, lead a stretching session that student recyclers at the UofO have done before their shifts for over 30 years.  See the accompanying stretching poster

How Green is the New Deal without Zero Waste?

Maggie Clarke, Phd - Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board

In a preview of her presentation to the rescheduled National Zero Waste Conference, Dr. Clarke questioned the omission of Zero Waste strategies in the Green New Deal as proposed and presented compelling evidence for prioritizing Zero Waste in any climate action plan.  See her presentation.


Plastic Wars

Forum:  "Then, Now, and When for Recycling

Tim Broderick  - Zero Waste Sustainability Specialist Boulder County, Colorado 

CU interns and attendees engaged Tim Broderick and other Zero Waste professionals on a revisit of original Earth Day recycling objectives made in 1970. Where have we come?  Where are we going?  A similar set of objectives was drafted for the students of 2070 (forthcoming)



MTV crews visited CU in 1990 and produced outrageous footage and gripping commercial spots.  View one of the spots, "Earth is Not a Cartoon", here.

In 1995, students produced eco-spoofs of big-screen gems which aired before feature movies during CU's Film Series.  View "the Sound of Chainsaws" here.

Green Venues PSA: "The Assist".  Features all Denver area sports and entertainment mascots in a hilarious routine.  Funded by the EPA at Red Rocks amphitheater, 2010.    View the PSA here

Between 2011-2014, the Ball Corporation funded annual student video competitions for 30-60 second spots on variety of assigned topics. View one of the winning Green on the Screen entries here