Frequently Asked Questions

What to Recycle

A list of common acceptable and unacceptable items

Where to Recycle

 An explanation of how to recycle in certain areas on campus

Special Material Recycling

A brief guide to the "Hard to Recycle" items on campus

Office Clean Outs & Special Collections

To recycle from office purges or special collection of recycalbles

Shredding Services

For documents that need to be shredded before they are recycled

Construction & Demolition Materials

How to recycle your construction and demolition waste

Contact Us

Facilities Management Recycling and Compost

For questions in the Academic & Administrative buildings related to the following:

  • Special Collections
  • Office Clean Outs
  • Missed Collections
  • Additional bins
  • Recycling and Composting concerns
  • Zero Waste Events smaller than 500 people

Grounds & Recycling Operations Center

Email is preferred

Housing Department

For questions in the Housing buildings related to the following:

  • Residence Hall concerns
  • Graduate & Family housing concerns
  • Housing department related questions


Environmental Center

For questions in the UMC, Rec Center, Wardenberg, or Athletics buildings related to the following:

  • Zero Waste Events larger than 500 people or on weekends
  • Signs and stickers for recycling bins, cabinets, collection stations, etc
  • Student community and concerns

University Memorial Center (UMC) 355

Mailing Address: 
CU Recycling
207 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309

Recycling Operations Center


1060 Regent Drive, Boulder CO

About Us

Learn more about the Environmental Center and CU's Recycling program!

At a Glance

Statistics about CU's Zero Waste program

Team Spotlight

Learn more about the people involved with Zero Waste



The Environmental Center is on the third floor of the University Memorial Center, room number 355

The Recycling Operations Center is located behind the CUPD station and lot 436